Frequently Asked Questions


When will my order ship? Orders placed before 12pm CST Monday through Friday will be fulfilled and shipped the same day. Orders placed outside of these times will be shipped the following business day excluding holidays that fall on weekdays.

Where is my tracking? You will receive an email with tracking once it has been fulfilled and a shipping label is printed. Please allow a few hours for it to be scanned by the delivery service. Most packages are dropped off between 4-6pm CST.

Will people know what I ordered by the packaging? No, we ship in plain kraft boxes and all packaging is discreet for your own personal privacy.

Will my package smell like a skunk? Our packaging is smell proof, but just to be sure, packages containing THCa flower are sealed in an extra thick heat sealed bag and they are essentially smell proof.

Can I get a refund if my gummies melt? We do not give refunds for melted gummies. However, we do our best to assure that they arrive to you as fast as possible and in longer transits we will add in an ice pack. It is your responsibility to keep track of arrival times of the package. Those who have community mail slots should get their package out of the hot metal lockers as soon as possible to avoid melting.

My gummies are melted, what do I do? You can refrigerate and they will solidity, then and cut them into equal sizes. They are perfectly stable at room temperature.


Is THCa flower legal? Yes, but it is in a grey area because it only remains THCa as long as it has not been decarboxylated. The only exception to this is Louisiana. If you order from this state we will not fulfill or ship the order. This includes our Amanita Mushroom Gummies as well, which are also illegal in that state. For more info please read our post explaining THCa flower in a new tab)

Is delta 8 illegal? No. The 2018 Farm Bill allowed the legal sale of Delta 8.

Is THC-O illegal? This is debatable. The DEA has declared this illegal because it is not naturally occurring. However, this is simply their interpretation of the law and since the DEA’s job is to enforce the law not make laws we will continue to sell products containing it unless we get further clarification from lawmakers. For more info please read our post about THC-O

Are your mushroom gummies legal? Absolutely, yes! Our mushroom gummies are made with Amanita species which do not contain any illegal tryptamines or research chemicals. We start with dried mushroom caps and make a concentrate for our gummies. The active ingredients are mainly muscimol and a small amount of ibotenic acid.

Other Questions

Do you sell wholesale? Yes we do. Please email to be put in contact with our sales team.

Do you use a co-packer? No, never. We make every single product with care and love right here in Texas. We try to source all ingredients as local as possible.

Can I buy your products locally? In some cases yes, please interact with the chat and let them know where you are in the US and they’ll let you know if someone nearby sells our products. Feel free to recommend us to your local shop. Customer referrals are the best sales pitch.

I am an influencer, can I partner up with Chillohs? Yes, we are always looking to get our name out there. Please email us with your social media handle to

If you still have questions, email us and we will gladly get back to you as soon as we can.

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